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Some Last Words From the States

So today is the big day.  We leave the country later today and head off to Kenya as a group.  In total there are about forty of us and everyone seems really great! We have done numerous activities and icebreakers and the entire group is participatory and enthusiastic.  Our demographics are also very widespread, covering most all major ethnicities and an age range in the ballpark of 21 years to 70 years old.  We even had one women who had sold her vet practice and packed up and moved out of her home of 18 years.  Now there’s a risk taker!

In other news, some notes about this blog.  From this point forward I may have to be vague about some things, such as locations and numbers and activities.  This is not some form of government NDA, but rather just another step in ensuring our safety and the safety of our host communities.  But don’t have fear, I will still update it and I am sure the content will be most interesting besides.

So to all those reading back home, thank you yet again for your constant love and support.  Without them I wouldn’t be doing what I am about to do.  I am even more getting the feeling that the next two years will be far from easy (though thankfully I have not started hallucinating from the malaria prophylaxis), but that it truly will be the toughest job I ever love.  The Peace Corps just seems to have it all figured out pretty well.  So until my next post, goodbye, good day, good luck and I love you all.  And please remember, no news is good news when it comes to the Peace Corps.



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Obama-rama in Kenya

So for those of you who do not know, President-elect Obama’s father was of Kenyan nationality.  As a result, Obama has been quite the celebrity in Kenya ever since his Illinois Senator race.  Below are some links to Kenya reactions in the news to the election of Obama.  For the first time in my times of traveling abroad, it may actually be beneficial to be an American again!

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Some Pre-Departure Updates

So I received yet another document from the lovely Peace Corps, this one including details necessary to actually get me into the country and live: “Don’t drink the tap water in Kenya.”  Some updates that concern you, my lovely blog readers, include the fact that I will no longer be training in Embu, as expected.  Instead, I will apparently be training in Loitokitok.  I get to move from the base-ish area of Mount Kenya to the base-ish area of Mount Kilimanjaro.  That’s exciting!

Also, as for communication: there is a cybercafe in Loitokitok however it is painfully slow and most trainees wait until they get to their service site before they attempt the internet.  Take this information as is, but if I drop off the face of the earth for a good two months (I get to my site around January 9, 2009), then I apologize ahead of time.

That’s all I have for now.  More information as it comes in.


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I might do a real post later, but this one is just to inform anyone following that I updated the “About Me,” page.  Now of course, anyone who is at this point reading the blog will know all about me, but who knows, you might learn something new.

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