Some Pre-Departure Updates

So I received yet another document from the lovely Peace Corps, this one including details necessary to actually get me into the country and live: “Don’t drink the tap water in Kenya.”  Some updates that concern you, my lovely blog readers, include the fact that I will no longer be training in Embu, as expected.  Instead, I will apparently be training in Loitokitok.  I get to move from the base-ish area of Mount Kenya to the base-ish area of Mount Kilimanjaro.  That’s exciting!

Also, as for communication: there is a cybercafe in Loitokitok however it is painfully slow and most trainees wait until they get to their service site before they attempt the internet.  Take this information as is, but if I drop off the face of the earth for a good two months (I get to my site around January 9, 2009), then I apologize ahead of time.

That’s all I have for now.  More information as it comes in.



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3 responses to “Some Pre-Departure Updates

  1. I have been attempting to set up my blog – can you tell me how to get it flow thru peacecorps as yours does? I’ve tried to contact someone, but no luck. Think we must be
    meeting up in Philly and heading to Kenya together – anxious to meet the group that is going,
    just need to finish up final packing! Let me know if you can help me out in this blog

  2. kim

    Hi Jon, I just want you to know we are so proud of you and are going to miss you. We love you. Mom and Dad

  3. Kevin

    Don’t go you meat head. Stay in the country you were born in and save the world from here. Okay enough about that. Take care, have fun, be safe and most of all keep us posted. Pics, updates, letters etc.

    You scum bucket – leaving your mom and dad and friends for two years……you should be made to drink that water down there.

    L8ter dude
    Good luck!