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Hey Folks,

So I get to update yet again! How awesome is that? Well, not much has happened since I updated last except now I am in Nairobi, finally. We just arrived here and are staying at a Hostel called AFRALTI. It’s really nice, and I even get my own room, with my own hot water shower and western-style toilet. It’s like heaven after training. I still have not learned where I will be posted, and hopefully will learn that tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.

Other than that, I am sick. Got sick this morning. Don’t know what it is, and I will spare you all the gory details, though by now, its common speech amongst the volunteers. We swap sick-stories all the time and nothing phases us, not even at the dinner table. I have a med appointment tomorrow, and thankfully this all happened while I was in Nairobi, where I have immediate access to the PCMOs and a nice single room to myself. The 12 hour bus ride did suck a lot though.

So let’s talk about buses. We drove from Loitokitok to Nairobi today. First, we started late because there was an under-estimation made about how much luggage we had. Then we had to take the road from Loitokitok to Emali. This is not a paved road, and is pretty much as far from a paved road as you can get, though it is a “main road.” So when traveling on Main Roads, the time it would take you to go the distance in America must be multiplied usually by five. So what should have taken us about 2 hours, took roughly 12. The last third of the journey is on paved road but then you hit Nairobi traffic. A 15 minute distance took 2 hours. I am not exaggerating at all, these are legitimate numbers. Throw in my sick stomach and the bus ride very quickly made it to the top of the list of things i don’t like in Kenya. Also, the bus itself is more cramped than a Southwestern flight to Texas, so for big guys like me, it’s pretty awful. Especially all the bumping on the unpaved roads.

So here’s a quick fun story. My first night in my home-stay family, my bed collapsed in the middle of the night. I was late to my first day of classes because the carpenter had to come and fix the bed, and I also missed the memo that class was starting earlier, and was not where it would normally be. All on the first day. It was a great first day! I got over it, and it was a running joke in my village all the while I was there. I was the muzungu who broke the bed. Such is life in Kenya!


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