I am alive

Hello All!

So I am alive yet again and this time I am at site. I was posted to the village of Mtungwe, about 12 km south of Mombasa Town (which is Kenya’s second largest city, and East Africa’s largest port). I will be teaching computer systems with the National Youth Service Technical College here in Mtungwe (I think I am spelling it correctly…)

I will update more once I am a bit more settled in. Sadly I am back on my own for internet, but was able to snag a Safaricom modem which is within my means for affordability, but is slow and I cannot do fun things like Skype and whatnot. I do have my own house on the college compound (which is huge!) and I have running water and eletricity. I also have three bedrooms, an entrance room, living room and kitchen. I think I may fall on the Posh Corps side of Peace Corps. But I won’t really complain. So I am going to go an continue settling in. Feel free to call my cell still, as it works here no worries. Larger Update later, once I write it!



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