A Post on Posting…

Fellow blog readers, this post is a meta-post (in the words of a certain AKG). It is a meta-post on posting. Whenever you tack meta in front of something in the world of technology, it usually means its a reflexive entity, or maybe a recursive entity or something to that affect (or is it effect?). For example, in the field of information systems, meta-data is data about data. So here is my post about post.

As you all know, I love to communicate. Sometimes it takes the form of conversations, sometimes arguments, sometimes jokes, letters, emails, you name it and I will communicate by it. I wanted to throw in a funny anecdote about communicating through bee-dancing or tapping on the stomach’s of camels so the reverberations could carry through the sahara, but the only extreme means of communication I have conducted is one time where Owen and I Windows File Shared a PuTTY exe and subsequently SSH’d into a box at Conn so that we could Wall each other during a CELS workshop. And only about 2 people who read this will understand the Rube Golberg-esque nature of such an endeavor.

Given my loquacious nature, the opportunity to opine about Kenya for two years filled me to no end with immense joy. There would be Livingston-esque treks through the jungles, epic battles with lions over the fate of the pride, and maybe even a Disney sing-a-long or two. I would regale all of you Americans with such tales and make you wonder, “What am I doing with my ho-hum life here. I want to go on an adventure.”

And yet here I am, poised to disappoint. Life in Kenya is routine. Or it is to me at least. Which is a problem because I only tend to write when I feel there are things that must be shared, and normally the routine is far from top of that list. But I know that someone must find something I am doing interesting, because according to my stats page, this blog has been looked at enough times.

Therefore, I will try to overcome my own apathy towards my routine-life as is, and continue to write about my time in Kenya. I will not post every day, and I warn you: do not expect any epic battles with lions or the like. A certain AKG was also commenting that many of my posts are long. Expect that to end, unless I go for long periods of time without posting, at which point a long catch-up post may be in order.

I don’t really know the purpose of this post except to warn you that I tend to go into writing dry-spells when I feel that life is routine and not worth reporting. I am going to try and fix that, but at the same time, expect the contents of my blog posts to be silly, random, and short. Also, do not expect exciting things. Also, because there are many similarities between the life I lead here and the life I led in America, I will try to highlight the differences.

This post was drivel and I will publish it, but boy was it drivel. Maybe I should start outlining my thoughts before writing about them. Or maybe I need a desk where I can do real work! Or any table would be nice. Next week they say. I hope so, considering I already paid…



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3 responses to “A Post on Posting…

  1. personalityandcruelty

    I thought I would actually pop in and say hello since I’ve been reading your blog since a mutual friend (Mishi) gave me the link to your page once I mentioned I really wanted to join the Peace Corps and was keeping my fingers crossed to be stationed somewhere in Africa. So, hello!

  2. Lori Balantic

    Hi Jon- Funny to see that CELS workshop made one of your postings, and glad to hear that ‘winging it’ one of your teaching mottos. Thanks for sharing. Hope your tummy is better!

  3. I don’t really have a problem with your long posts, as they are interesting. Just wanted to put that out there.