On Teaching

Oh, I forgot to mention, I am teaching finally. At first there was concern (or actually there was a complete lack of concern, but I would like to think people were concerned… i think the concern was all on my part) about me possibly not teaching until may. This is because the two computer instructors at my particular NYS are in Nairobi right now, and in good Kenyan fashion, no one knows when they are coming back. I have created a nerd-appropriate analogy for this phenomenon of Kenyan Time. Kenyan Time is like the “Time Remaining,” indicator on an Internet Explorer download dialog. It’s completely relative to so many factors out of your control, that why bother including it in the first place?

So anyways, in accordance with Kenyan Time and other factors of Kenyan culture that have to do with task completion and whatnot, I was informed that in fact I would be teaching a class… in one hour. Now this may be testament to how not-serious NYS takes the computer classes offered here, probably because they are supplementary electives to the students’ craft courses. But still, one hour to prepare? Needless to say I did no such thing. Yesterday, a roomful of Kenyans were introduced to the American cultural tradition of “Winging it.” Needless to say, I will be doing the same thing again today, but this time not because I was caught off-guard, but more because it’s friday. Maybe I will write up a brief class outline so I know what to talk about….


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  1. Andrew Carroll

    Nah, I don’t ever want to hear you say you are writing up outlines for at least the first week. You wing it Jon, like I am doing….tomorrow…and the day after. 🙂