Some thoughts on the day

1) My Blog post titles tend to be quite boring and non descriptive. I do not see foresee a change in this in the near future.

2) I attempted to make a fly trap. According to the internet, a mixture of vinegar, sugar and water placed in a jar with holes poked in the lid (the size of which I assume needs to be large enough to admit a fly) should work. However the completion of the trap did not have the desired effect of killing all the flies in my house instantly. I am dubious about its future effectiveness.

3) If you do come to visit me in my wonderfully large (though currently empty abode), do not be disturbed by the co-residents: an army of small white ants. We are friends, and they do no harm. We share our meals together, our drinks, our floor space. They march in line from place to place, which makes avoiding them nice and simple. Sometimes I eat one, but I ensure you it is out of pure accident. I did not know they would be sharing that particular bite of the meal or sip of the drink. We simply have in common a great number of tastes in food. Secretly I harbor a desire to kill every last one though I hope to be more successful than with the flies.

4) Things I worry about on a daily basis: malaria, protein sources in my diet, remembering people’s names because they all know mine and if they don’t they can conveniently call me Mzungu (though now I respond with Mkenya, kiswahili for Kenyan…it confuses them but gets the point across), when will I get furniture? (that’s a whole post in it of itself (is that even a phrase anymore? (yes! triple parantheses!))), is that leopard gone yet?, will my monkey neighbors start living up to their reputation of throwing feces at me (they left me a rotten banana on my front step on my first day, which I interpreted as the monkey-equivalent of a bag of poo on fire), will I actually motivate myself to do peace corps paperwork?, and will my kitchen flood again (tally is at two right now)?

5) When something happens here that just seems silly to a person of Western-mentality, I say Karibu Kenya (Welcome to Kenya). It’s especially funny because even though its a Mzungu joke, Kenyans understand it fully and laugh right along with you. If only Kenyans really could laugh their problems away…

6) In my free time I want to start programming because I do not want to lose what little skill in the art that I have. It is also something that is not Internet dependent, which may or may not become a costly resource.

7) Thanks to everyone reading this blog and commenting and emailing!


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One response to “Some thoughts on the day

  1. 2. I tried to do that once, and it was equally unsuccessful.
    4. “In and of itself”. Oh dear, Jon’s losing his English already due to all that kiswahili pummeling his brain. Also, “bag of poo on fire”…hehehe

    Another weird phenomenon is that the comment text field pretends to be the width of your entire blog instead of just the width of the apparent text field. This makes it super fun to type.

    Also, word on the street is that Julia G has tonsillitis. After going to the Caribbean over winter break. Sadness.