The skin on my back is experiencing a severe wave of necrosis. Beware the jua kali of mombasa


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3 responses to “Eww!

  1. dad

    care to elaborate. is this a serious problem? what is the jua kali of mombassa? i thought we told you that would stunt your growth.

  2. Noah Briggs

    Umm, “necrosis” means “dying”. If you are experiencing nothing more than masses of dead skin peeling off like bad sunburn, then I would not worry. If on the other hand, the necrosis is accompanied by a stink and lots of open sores, then it’s time to worry.

  3. Luke

    Actually Jon you are likely experiencing a wave of apoptosis rather than necrosis due to the excessive sunburn. Due to the UV damage caused to your keratinocytes’s, the cells have been triggered to activate their apoptotic pathyway and are becoming “sunburn cells”. At least I’m assuming you’re describing you’re sunburn, as Jua Kali means “hot sun”, according to the interbutts. Yes….I’m very bored. Anyway, back to my cage for more slide scanning!