Imagine this. You have a whole yard to yourself. Not another house but your own in site. About a hundred feet from your front veranda there is a large leafy tree which affords much shade from the midday sun. The perfect spot to read a book or swing from a hammock swing.

But between you and the tree your yard is a tad unruly. You decide to tame it. Cut the grass. Possibly line a path out to the tree with stones. Maybe even lay down stepping stones to the path. It can only get better?

You begin your labor. It is worth the sweat and ache, hacking away at the grass. Soon you will have a nice path to your favorite spot. You may even be able to just walk out there barefoot, with a glass of lemonade and swing yourself to slumber.

Finally you arrive at this paradise under the tree. Here the grass is still unruly so you begin to hack. Whats that? Buzzing? All of a sudden you feel sharp pain and the buzzing gets louder and louder. Apparently your paradise is already claimed.

You run back to your house looking back only once hoping to not see a black swarm chasing you. Your luck holds there. Your back is only aching from maybe two or three stings. Thankfully you aren’t allergic but you can kiss your dream of the tree swing goodbye.

Karibu Kenya.


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  1. Leah

    You are like an insect magnet…no one else on the coast talks about bugs anywhere near as much as you do. Also, you can add my blog to your blogroll if you like: