Today I had a “home,” moment. In fact, my first. And not a, “missing home,” moment, but the much more crucial, “This is my home for the next two years and I am ok with it,” moment:

I was sitting by myself in the matatu coming home from a successful trip into Mombasa with Jeff. The matatu was practically empty, and I was sitting in my favorite spot: passenger side, farthest back, next to an open window, getting a breeze. It seemed like all sound just stopped except the breeze coming in the window. The matatu kept going, making no stops along the final stretch to NYS. I was looking out the window, elbow propped on it, watching people. People were working, people were talking with each other, children were walking home from school, life was just happening and for once I felt a part of the rhythm and not just on the outside trying to get a feel for it. It’s a good feeling.

Other things I did today:

1) Purchased some handmade woven african grass mats for my house (pictures when my connection is more reliable)

2) Told some touts (matatu conductors) that they fought over me like cats, eliciting laughs from the whole matatu

3) Made another matatu laugh when I bought water from a vendor and then successfully told him to get lost and stop annoying me when he became obnoxious.

4) Mailed some overdue letters, finally.

I wish I could add, “Take a shower” to that list, but sadly my water has decided to stop working today.

Pictures later, I promise!

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  1. kim

    We would all love pictures!