I wouldn’t call it toast

I attempted to make toast today.  No toaster, no oven, no broiler of any sort.  I wouldn’t really call the end result toast as anyone knows it, maybe more just burned bread.  But, given that everything in kenya is just slightly different, maybe calling it Kenyan toast would be appropriate.  Thankfully I didn’t have to light a jiko (charcoal or kerosene or wood burning oven used by kenyans to cook even when they can easily afford gas or electricity… ingrained culture) to make this and maybe that is why kenyans don’t eat toast, because if they are going to go through all the effort of building some type of cooking fire, they’d darn well better get more out of it than burned bread.

Thankfully jam still makes everything better.


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One response to “I wouldn’t call it toast

  1. Austin

    Amen to jam making everything better. So does bacon. Bacon also makes everything better.