In other news today…

Monkeys stole my lunch.  And no, this is not like my knife where I just couldn’t find it, and then eventually did, and made up a story about monkeys stealing.  This actually happened.

I was sitting on my sofa just thinking (we do that a lot in Peace Corps apparently.  The Corps’ tagline should be, “Two years thinking while most likely sweating like you’ve never sweat before!”), and I hear a rustling.  It sounds an awful lot like the plastic bag my carrot and tomato (yes, one carrot and one tomato) are in.  At first though I thought I was imagining it.  Then I hear it again and again.  So I get up and walk into my kitchen.

And there are two monkeys sitting on my counter trying to open my bag.  Of course they see me and bolt out my open door (I had left it open for air flow… see the sweating comment above).  Do they leave the bag?  No, they take it and make it over the 15 foot fence like it was a nothing.  I think I heard them laughing as they went.

Needless to say, I successfully made a caramelized onion sandwich.  It was also supposed to have carrot and tomato in it, but, well, apparently I have a monkey problem.



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3 responses to “In other news today…

  1. Andrew Carroll


    I hope you get messages about these comments so you know they are here.

    That is great, it further proves your earlier comment that Monkeys are the squirrels of Africa, because I have had squirrels and other rodents make off with my food.


  2. I do get these comments. I even get them emailed to me, though for some strange reason the GMail app on my phone refueses to open them. Odd. Anyways, thanks for all your teaching advice as well, I will certainly start to be more explicit with my students.

    Thing is, they are taught to copy everything that is put on the board into their notebooks (if they’ve brought one), but they never take notes on what is said. Which means if I write objectives, but then erase it before they’ve all copied it (because I have minimal board space), they will actually just forget it believing them to not be important. Just as if I hadn’t written them there at all! Does this qualify as a Catch-22?

    Karibu Kenya!

  3. Jon- I sent an email earlier today. Well, I’m a real estate agent and at the moment sitting in a pretty quiet Sunday open house. I can promise you I’d rather be doing what you are doing, even at 10:15 at night (it’s 2:15 in Burlington, VT).

    Well, the intent of this is to briefly relate my first and only run-in with a monkey on the first day at my site in India. I was temporarily put up in a railway station rest area, peacefully eating my breakfast omlette in the restaurant. In the blink of an eye a sinewy hairy arm slithered its way between on torso and right arm, snatched my omlette and darted out the open screened door. That was November 3rd, 1965 and the memory of the monkey incident is as crystal clear today as if it just happened.