Below I will list the effects of rain on Kenya as I have witnessed:

  1. People are happy because it waters the crops they desperately need.
  2. In many cases it removes the humidity from the air and cools a place down. This does not always hold true on the coast where saying it lowers the humidity would be the equivalent of filling a drinking glass from the ocean and saying you lowered sea level. There are just some facts which are statistically negligible.
  3. Matatus stop running. They fear wet roads. I think this may be the one safety mechanism built into the whole matatu system: fear of wet roads. Otherwise they fear nothing else.
  4. People stop moving in general and seek shelter under the nearest buildings awning. This also gives them a good half hour break after the rain has stopped because, well, you wouldn’t want to get caught in it if it starts again, so wait it out a little and see what happens.
  5. Electricity shuts off. I don’t have either a legitimate or wise-crack answer for this one. It can just be plain annoying. Needless to say I’m supposed to be teaching computers today. The one thing in this country that needs electricity to run. And we don’t have a generator for the computer lab… though maybe I can swing one…. they do like my proposals after all…

This list may continue to grow beyond its original size if I remember anything else.


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  1. kim

    Just sit back and enjoy the rain. Maybe the Kenyans have a great idea!