Some progress!

Last week in teaching classes was a normal week.  Some classes showed up, some did not.  I think I taught maybe 1 class, but it doesn’t really count because I took Thursday and Friday off to host a language immersion workshop.

But last week did affirm something that I find hopeful.  There are kids who care about learning computers on this compound.  Mostly, there are three kids who seem to care about learning computers.

I opened up the lab every day from Monday-Friday from 4pm to 6pm.  This is dead time for me at home, and also rest time for the students before something else begins.  I don’t know what.  Haven’t gotten a straight answer.  So I specifically told my students, all who show up to class, that regardless of whether or not they are my student, they can use the computers, and I will even give personal instruction to them, if they want to.  Don’t even care if they want to just play games, watch movies, or listen to music, I just want people using these computers.

It worked.  So now I am instructing three students who regularly show up to class, and one so eager, that when I did not show up this past thursday or friday because of the workshop, he came to my house to ask specifically if there was class or not.  It’s one of the worst feelings in the world for a teacher to tell a student that for reasons outside of their control, they cannot learn today.  I told him I would see him again tuesday and wednesday of this week, but had to leave again for thursday.  He was distraught by this, thinking I was leaving for good, but I explained in my kis-wa-english that this was not the case and that I would return after next weekend.  I might have to teach this kid Google Calendar so he can stay synced up with my frantic weekends from now until IST in April.

I have also noticed that Mutuli’s staff friends like to come to the computer lab as well.  None of them ever asked me to use the computers, except when absolutely necessary, and they often just come in and socialize over the computers while learning some new things here or there.  If I am there, they ask me questions as well.  It seems like it might be a good in with some of the teachers here, the ones not apparently afraid of technology.

I just wish this week I could put to test some of experiences of last week, but I am starting this week late because of the workshop and leaving early because of weekend plans.  Such is life.  And either way, I am still here for two more years.



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  1. hi,
    my name is Edd Viehman
    im a sophomore at the College of Chaleston in South Carolina. my current anthropology and educaiton class wants us to find and compare some of the teaching that we have incountered and the teaching styles in other countries. primarily dealing with the culture and how the interaction between the peace corps and the locals that live there are. if you dont mind i would love to start a pin pal email type of deal just to ask a few questions and get your perspective on the experiences you have encounterd there.
    if you can help me out then please email me back
    if it doesnt go though the college email then try
    i know that you probably dont ahve access to a computer 24/7 and it may be a few days before you can get back with me and if you find that you are too caught up and cant help me out then no worries, just let me know either way.


  2. Andrew


    That’s great that students want to learn! I have a stapler for you, I just need to mail it.