I am a nerd, I know

I know, you all think that living in Africa I must have seen all sorts of cool things. Lions, elephants, Maasai warriors and the like. And it’s true, I have seen those things, and they are certainly really cool, but by far, the coolest thing I have seen to date is this ship, which is currently docked in Mombasa Harbor. The Tyco Resolute, a Reliance-Class Sea Cabling ship, is part of what I believe is a two ship team currently laying high speed backbone fiber cable all along the east coast of Africa. The Resolute laid the final stretch from the cable into the harbor, and we got connected on April 3rd. It was all very exciting, and though I got an invite to the ceremony from a friend of mine working with IT in Mombasa, I didn’t get a chance to go. But I have gotten the chance to see this beauty of a ship, and hopefully when I cross on the ferry today I will snap some photos with my camera. It’s one big, pretty ship.



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3 responses to “I am a nerd, I know

  1. kim

    Watch out for the pirates! I think they are getting closer and closer to Mombasa.

  2. Denise Jandreski

    Glad to hear you are doing well. We had a great Easter with your family – we missed you!

  3. Paul Eyssautier

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog, having spent the last 2 hours going through all your entries dating back to last October. I received my PC invitation to Kenya earlier this month, with a staging date of June 1st. Your writings have provided some helpful insight to prepare me for this trip. Although I am scheduled to work in Public Health Education, I hope we’ll get a chance to meet.