A New Battle Every Day

My life is not difficult.  Don’t think it is.  And I am actually quite happy here.  But I like to be dramatic so go with it! 🙂

As if fighting malaria and lack of self motivation weren’t enough.  As if fending off malice-intent monkeys who want to steal didn’t occupy enough of my time.  As if heroically defending my infant neighbour from vicious snakes and spiders weren’t epic enough of a story, I have a new battle to fight.  More as it develops on the tale of Jon vs. The Rat.  Hopefully it will end this weekend with his greedy paws covered in peanut butter and neck snapped by the force of a thousand painful days as manifested by a spring-loaded metal bar.  It’s almost like watching Titanic, except this time the ship might not sink!

Or I could just pull an Adrian and kill it with a spear fashioned from my Leatherman and broom handle…



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4 responses to “A New Battle Every Day

  1. Jeff

    So now you are getting into hunting mode. Watch out you rats! Here he comes!

  2. Andrew Carroll

    SPEAR SPEAR, USE THE SPEAR. Kill it good Jon.

  3. Jason's Dad

    Just how big are the rats in Africa? I’d stick with the conventional spring loaded rat trap – it is more stealthy. You don’t have to be on guard 24 X 7 – advantage you.

  4. Areti

    nail him!!!
    mice are cute, rats are stinky 😦