Quick Updates again

Still living without electricity and still not really caring. Though it’s funny to see people get nervous when they find out, as if it’s an unspeakable shame that the mzungu is living without electricity. “Umesikia? Nyumba ya mzungu ni bila stima!” (Have you heard, the mzungu’s house is without electricity!).

For those who may not recall, my personal laptop died a few weeks ago, but I have been using the school computers quite nicely since that sad loss. Of couse, just 10 minutes ago “my,” computer in the lab just fried. As it stands, since coming here, I have lost 2 computers to RAM failures (most likely caused by humidity), 1 computer to a fried power supply due to irregular voltage or humidity, another computer to a fried power supply due to I don’t know, and a final computer due to a lizard crawling into the power supply, and, well, that’s that. 5 computers down for the count in almost 6 months of being on the job. Kenya is not friendly to computers, especially when the labs are quite open to the elements. Now I know why we air condition everything, and I can very easily see the connection between computer bugs and real bugs.



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2 responses to “Quick Updates again

  1. JAB

    I wonder if a dessicant would do any good? Or would they be no match for the humidity?

  2. maybe, except it’s not an actual enclosed room. it has open air vents at the top that cannot close in anyway, which is always fun when it pours down during the rainy season we are currently in.