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Funny Forum Posts

I am effectively a system administrator here at NYS.  My teaching job is secondary really to keeping the machines running and in tip-top shape.  Therefore, I am frequently googling around the internet trying to find answers to this or that question.  Recently, I just received 15 brand new machines from Nairobi HQ and need to get them imaged and up to spec with all the same software as my other lab machines.  However, they’ve been giving me a problem so I was googling around and stumbled across this forum post.  I am posting this because I think it’s hilarious, in a non-tech way:

“Ugh…Sorry, my brains fried…my wife is in labor at the moment, so I’ll keep this quick…She has a hours to go, so don’t think I’m a bad husband. I tried gparted, and I can’t resize through that. Checked the disk for bad sectors, the drive is fine. I DEFINITELY don’t know enough about linux to do a text based installer. So is there another way to resize the ntfs partition, thourgh windows or dos maybe? I’m a dos whiz, so thats preffered. Thanks folks…Will check in a few days from now after the kid is born…

Thanks again.” (

Apparently this guy really thought resizing his partition was that darn important.  But don’t worry, his wife still had an hour to go so it’s ok, he can muck around with his ubuntu install.  I am glad that at least he is giving his wife a few days attention to help with the newborn child though before returning to his computer.  Hahaha. 


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More updates

After a mere two weeks without electricity, yesterday Kenya Power and Lighting arrived and restored mine and my neighbors’ electricity.  I am now a lawful electricity-user with cold drinks again!  Wooo!  And hot dogs! and cheese!  The future is looking brighter, literally.  Still don’t know how to celebrate the 4th though.  Believe it or not, I have not seen a single person selling fireworks.  Road trip to South of the Border anyone?  I wonder if Tanzania sells fireworks.  That would be funny.

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Jon 1, rat 0

I caught my rat over the weekend. I had been out all day and he must have been adventurous and hungry, a great formula for catching him in my peanut butter trap. Needless to say without him scampering about i sleep much better. Now onto my new battle of jon vs. Dysentry. Ill spare the details and just tell you when i have won. How does that sound?

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