Request For Content Results in Short Term Memory Dump

As I believe I stated in an earlier post, many times I find myself wanting to start a task but I become so overwhelmed in planning the task that I never get to bring it to completion.  Such has been my problem these past two weeks with blog posts.  I have a few larger things I wouldn’t mind expostulating on and possibly even result in interesting my readers, but I become overwhelmed in preparing them that I often find it better to just read a book.  So this blog is itself not about one of those larger things, but is instead, as the title suggests, a mere short-term memory dunmp, most likely taking the form of my favorite literary mechanism (the list, as you should know well by now), though possibly turning into paragraphical prose.  Maybe what I’ll do instead is think in terms of a list, but write paragraphs and just not include bullet points!  Genius!

There is a fly that is insisting on doing a jig all over my forehead right now.  One word: annoying

As I stated earlier, when I end up not completing a desired task, the default recorse is to read.  Reading is my escapism as choice.  Jason and Niki recently sent me a package (thanks again guys 🙂 ) and in it was the Han Solo Triology, three nice Star Wars novels.  Some may remember that I went cold turkey on star wars novels at the end of my senior year of college, as they had basically started re-hashing the prequel movie plot, but this time with Luke Skywalkers nephew.  I still do not know how it all turned out, nor do I want to.  But the Han Solo Triology was written during the Golden Age of Expanded Universe novels, so I felt like I could jump on the wagon just this one more time.  Besides, it’s next to impossible to find a Star Wars novel in Kenya anyways.  They were good, I liked them.  Before them I was reading some Anne McCaffrey and right now I am reading Alexander McCall Smith’s 44 Scotland Street, a fiction novel set in Edinburgh (love the city).  Apparently it was actually a serialized novel, written for The Scotsman newspaper, when McCall threw down the glove stating it was sad the serial novel had gone by the wayside.  Not far enough in to form an opinion yet.

But I do have an opinion on the new Third Eye Blind CD, courteously sent to me by Areti (thanks to you as well, I have the best friends 🙂 ).  It’s good, I like it.  I thought they would go a bit more mellow than three, but they kept the same tone as three, if not a bit more upbeat.  I think on a few of the songs they tried to actually go as upbeat as one and didn’t quite hit the mark, but still overall, a good CD.  Haven’t listened to it enough to rank it approriately though.  And the Rachael Yamagata you sent me, fantastic.  Love it.  She’s amazing.  New U2 is same old U2, can’t complain.  Green Day is sounding a little tired, am I right?  And Kings of Leon, haven’t listened enough to form an opinion.  This is the first time I have ever heard them.

Some friends of mine and I are thinking of starting a free HIV/AIDS information hotline here in Kenya.  There isn’t one, which is sad for a country with a 9% and growing positive population.  What this entails (and was going to be its own blog post), is contacting grant organizations, figuring out counselor qualifications, debating the many points of what a call center is, or should it just route to cell phones, accountability, sustainability, profitability (?), job creation, statistics, regions, demographics, on and on and on.  Needless to say I am not expecting it to be fully operational before I leave, but to have left a forward-moving project in the hands of future, capable volunteers and Kenyans.  Though admittedly I did throw down the glove with a PEPFAR rep from the CDC on this one in August, and we are racing to have something up and running before any USAID project gets off the ground.  Sipendi sana USAID kabisa (I really don’t like USAID at all)!!!

Another project I am working on is a website for WACAL, the organization my friend Erin volutneers with.  It goes slowly though as teaching takes over.

Because apparently I am teaching a real class now.  Principal kindly informed all assembled students last Wednesday that they need to take my class seriously because apparently there will be an exam at the end.  Of course, he never told me that before this assembly.  I’m pretty sure I made a funny face during the assembly when I heard this.

I have now been to the town of Malindi twice.  It’s ok.  I don’t get what the hype is all about though.  Also went out with some volunteers to watamu for a bit, which was nice to just sit on the beach.  Watamu is much nicer than malindi.  Much much nicer.  Although, according to my friends Deanne and Erin (a different Erin), Malindi has parmesean cheese somewhere.  This would make it the only place in kenya that sells parmesean cheese.  I also at a pizza there with gogonzola cheese on it.  It has all these cheeses because Malindi is basically the Little Italy of Kenya.  All the Italians flood there, like the Germans flock to South Coasst.  I never seem to make it to a beach during high tide so I am rarely actually able to get in the water, but this time it was high tide, and I got to go swimming.  The weekend before that I did also get to go snorkeling at my friend Ari’s site.  Yes, as a peace corps volutneer, it is Ari’s job to go snorkeling.  Beach corps has all the fun.

Wow, that is quite the memory dump.  Ok, enough of this.  Time to try and fix my precious iPod.  Hope you all enjoy.  Sorry for the terrible grammar, spelling, overall writing quality, etc.

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    Thanks Jon. Good reading.