A New Page: Laptop Care

This is not going to be of interest to many of my readers, but I have noticed my readership base is expanding into different groups, so I have decided to add a new permanent page to the blog: Laptop Care.  You can access it from the link above.

The page is organic information regarding many aspects of laptop care in Kenya to hopefully better prepare individuals in taking care of their computers here.  I will add and subtract information as I see fit, hence it being considered an organic document.  It is not a quick read, and may be broken down into other sections later if I find people are finding it useful.

You will also notice that the “How to Contact Me,” and “Sending a Parcel?” page have been removed.  Don’t worry, the information is not gone, it’s simply been shifted under the new “Contact/Parcels” page.  My current WordPress Theme is not playing nice with the links and it would not decrease link font size, thus adding a new row to my links, which I did not like.  Until I can manually shrink the font size of the theme, I will have to dance this little dance of mine.

Hope you find all the information useful.  Comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated!

I am looking to add a page about, “Browsing on minimal bandwidth,” on a future date as well.

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