Looking Back, Looking Forward, Getting Dizzy and Sitting Down

Looking Forward

What do I do with all this?  What have I learned thus far?  I don’t know the answers.  I have seen what doesn’t work, that which became self-evident after only a year.  Lack of accountability creates problems.  Lack of critical thinking and abstract thinking skills creates problems.  Lack of information or information-connectedness creates problems.

I am not able to easily motivate myself to complete small personal projects that I lack passion about.  I work better with a team.  Maybe that is why I have always surrounded myself by amazing friends (I have told you all that you are amazing right?  Because you are). They help me to be more than I am.  I have sought jobs with amazing people and have been lucky to always find them.  Luck has certainly been on my side in my life, that is for sure.  Is this wrong of me?  I am not a practical man, and can rarely get things done without a team.  I am not a strong loner.  I need others.

I enjoy the simplicity of my life here.  Not the simple life as in the rustic life, not the simple life that Thoreau claimed he found (he didn’t by the way, he was a poser).  Lack of interpersonal complication is a good relief.  Working with minimal interaction with larger systems I am not able to change is nice as well.  I don’t integrate into large, pre-existing systems that enforce certain restrictions on how you interact with the system.  I would much rather create the system and define my own interactions with it, and modify it later if I have to.  This applies both to life and computer programming by the way.  Sorry for the systems-talk.



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3 responses to “Looking Back, Looking Forward, Getting Dizzy and Sitting Down

  1. kim

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Jesse

    This is a really great reflection on a year.. gave me some perspective of the ups and downs. I too favor teamwork but have also done many things alone. Kenya was very much a solo gig for 5 of the 10 months I was there about 3 years ago.

  3. Happy One year!! sounds like even Kenya is about the same, no matter where you are in the world Peace Corps is about the same thing and we have some of the same things happen or not happen for that matter. good luck with your next year!!