Looking Back, Looking Forward, Getting Dizzy and Sitting Down

I foresee benefits in both joining the workforce and going back to school when I get back.  But to what ends?  I don’t have that laid out yet.  There are no careers that I foresee in my future, yet.  I do want one though, I am not shunning that lifestyle at all.  As my mother will always tell you, I want one that can also provide for me, because my job will never be my life.  My interests are too diverse.  I will need a career that can act as an investment pool for my other areas of interest.  However, this does not mean I do not want to be passionate about my career, because I also will need that.  I cannot work at my peak without being passionate about my work and I do not like working if I am not working at my peak.  I need to be stretched.

I still want to fly an airship, go to Mars, ride motorcycles.  Kenya has not changed my dreams, it did not ground me that much.  The uppermost level is still there for me to achieve.  Why should one ever take the improbable out of his life when it’s what gives him hope and guidance?

I still value helping others if for no reason other than that’s how we survive.  Humans live together, work together, survive together.  Stand apart and you are bound to fail.  Joining Peace Corps has just opened my eyes to both the bad and good ways to help others, and I will be much more discerning in the future.

My next year in Kenya is not expected to be filled with surprises, but surprises always find you.  I will continue here, and given time, the chaos of the universe might decide to throw a problem my way that intersects with my passion.  That’s how life goes here: survive each day because you never know what day entropy will play in your favor.  It’s not a bad life, it’s just a very different life than one spent stacking the odds in your favor.  The odds are in no one’s favor here, and most parties involved lack resources to stack the odds.  Or if the resources are there, it is unknown how to take advantage of them.

No matter how it goes, I am planning my epic, “Favorite Restaurants,” tour when I get back.  Interested parties need only jump in the car.

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3 responses to “Looking Back, Looking Forward, Getting Dizzy and Sitting Down

  1. kim

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Jesse

    This is a really great reflection on a year.. gave me some perspective of the ups and downs. I too favor teamwork but have also done many things alone. Kenya was very much a solo gig for 5 of the 10 months I was there about 3 years ago.

  3. Happy One year!! sounds like even Kenya is about the same, no matter where you are in the world Peace Corps is about the same thing and we have some of the same things happen or not happen for that matter. good luck with your next year!!