Open Data Formats: Intro and Documents


Starting with your documents it is time to start reclaiming the right to your data. It has been your hard work, your effort that has created the information, so why should you have to keep paying to access it? And should you stop wanting to pay every year for the same old software with different colors, who says you have a right to the information? Computers and Information Technology have come of age now that it is not right to hold information hostage simply because you are a programmer who has spent a lot of time and effort writing software to create that data.

Instead, the software industry needs to be moved to continuously innovate and update their products like all other industries, but until we have data freedom, this won’t happen. Start with your documents, and your friends’ documents and their friends’ documents and lets start the second, “Information Revolution,” where we as users have the freedom to do what we want with our data, and not pay through the nose to do it.

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