Linux: It’s Everywhere and Nowhere

Another of the largest areas of Linux proliferation is in the World Wide Web. As we know, the web is a series of inter-connected computers that talk to each other and exchange data. The web is run as a large version of what is known as the client-server model in which many different personal computers (clients) talk to another single computer (the server) to retrieve information. Your client may not be running Linux, but guess what, a whole bunch of servers are running Linux-based operating systems. Especially web servers. Google runs Linux on its servers. Universities run Linux. Businesses run Linux. Linux is used extensively to bring you your favorite content from the web, you just don’t know it.

Finally, there is a burgeoning market of smartphones. These are those cool new mobile phones coming out, like the Nokia N97, or your Blackberries, or your iPhones or Pre’s. Smartphones also make use of Linux extensively. Those Android phones like the ones from T-Mobile and Verizon, they run Linux. Android is a form of Linux. The Palm Pre software, webOS, is a form of Linux. It is predicted that soon, the number of Linux-based smartphones will outnumber the iPhone.

Whether it’s running your TiVo so that you won’t ever miss the next episode of Grey’s or House, or powering the backbones of the Internet, or helping keep you connected from your smartphone, Linux is everywhere. It’s myriad of uses is testament to its extreme versatility. It has such an impact in the industry because it’s free to use and also free to custom-tailor to fit specific needs. But no matter where it ends up, it’s still Linux.

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