Linux: It’s Everywhere and Nowhere

Where Linux Should Be

After all of this, the trick is that none of it needs to change per se. Linux itself is not a company, it has no pull, it has no clout, it just works; gets the job done. In the last article I talked about how Linux is not ready for the Big Time. However, in the article, the blame is seemingly placed on Linux. In fact, the blame (if blame need be placed, which it does not), lays on those who use Linux. In order to expand the embrace of Linux, the existing community would need to present a much more united front. Instead of forking projects every time there is an issue between members, the community would need to band together and stick with whatever decisions are made and eventually learn to leave things up to market demands.

This is not the heart and soul of the community, and goes against all the values we hold dear. We do embrace a certain level of gravity, where the more people who are attracted to a project, the larger that project grows. However, this gravity is never enough to retain people through sheer force alone. Projects constantly need to be selling themselves to their audience, never failing, or else somebody will simply fork the project at the most recent desirable stage and then continue on a different path as it would.

What needs to happen is people need to start writing articles like I have done. Linux, and more importantly desktop distributions, are suitable for a larger portion of the consumer base than is currently using them. In this case, maybe it is time somebody forked the project goals of the community from simply programming and more to sponsorship and public relations work. I appreciate the work Canonical Inc. is doing with this in regards to the Ubuntu product. Google is also making plenty headway, release not only the Android smartphone operating system, but also a new net-book friendly, “cloud-based,” operating system called Chrome OS (which is different from their Chrome web browser). However, Google does not always use the, “L word,” as much as might be appreciated when discussing these two operating systems.


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