Ars Politico Africanae: National Youth Service Mombasa

This is all compounded by the fact that NYS recently went through a hiring round. All of the principals went and applied for their promotions, which is a bureaucratic class system, as in, P class professionals, M class, N class, etc. (I don’t know what each of the classes is) and as a result of this, we got a new principal here. Of course, I also did not ever realize that the current principal has only been acting until this hiring round. He has kindly informed us that he did not receive his promotion, and as a result, will be here, under the new principal. Confusing.

The new principal seems to want to shake things up. Why? Oh, because NYSTC is also a failing institution. NYS the organization wants to upgrade us from a Craft-granting to Diploma-granting technical college, but KNEC (Kenya National Education Committee, I think…) says we are not even worthy of Craft-level, and there is even contention as to whether or not the examinations and marks we administer count in the first place. One of their complains is that we have mzee instructors who have been grandfathered in without proper credentials, and under certain laws, may not be qualified to even teach Craft-level.

Finally, no one wants to come to Mombasa in the first place. Even the new principal, after insulting the current principal in front of all the staff after the meeting, proceeds to inform us that he initially rejected the promotion because to him, “coming to Mombasa seemed like punishment,” (his words, not mine). Teachers express the same concern. Mombasa is far away from everything: from family, from professional development opportunities, from conferences and seminars. And it’s hot. My colleagues hate this heat, and see it as just another level of punishment.

With all of this new perspective I have gained, I appreciate more and more my ability to sit in my lab, teach my classes, and have nobody bother me. Of course, we shall see how this new principal pans out. Maybe he will be able to actually get a Kenyan computer instructor. One can hope. Of course, the trade-off might be that he goes and fires all my friends…

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  1. Andrew Carroll

    Just read it. I would do Ars Politica Africanae (ars is feminine and politica needs to agree with it.)