Ars Politico Africanae: Draft Kenyan Constitution

Whatever the case may be, there definitely seems to be two different perceptions of Kenya at the moment: that of the Kenyans who see it as a country returned to peace and ready to handle new challenges such as a Constitution, and everyone else who sees it as yet another East African powder keg, though one ready to implode, not explode. Thankfully, I do not think that anything that happens here will have an immediate effect on neighboring countries (though it’s not like Somalia and Sudan could get any worse). Implosions are still just as destructive as explosions for the imploding nation.

The apathetic attitude seems bred of the same Kenyan national introspection that blinds some people here to the effect their actions have on the how (international) others perceive them. Whereas many here see us returning to peace, albeit slowly and without justice, the rest of the world sees a promising economy failing; a child of the, “development age,” acting most ungratefully to nations and organizations that have collectively invested billions in effectively free money; and ultimately yet another African nation fulfilling the stereotype of a, “Failed Africa,” not ready to play with the big boys in their great and grand global endeavor.

I just see the pickup trucks, cargo beds filled with AK-47s and pangas, driving towards an unknown future lived by people whom I am coming to know and appreciate more and more every day and I cringe.

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