Thanksgiving in Mombasa!

Blame the Asparagus

But back to the train of thought. With asparagus on the menu, Jeff and I decided we would really do a Thanksgiving Dinner, or die trying. Of course, the first things we started thinking about were the elaborate ways to prepare a turkey given our circumstances, and of course, these brought out the even more elaborate ways by which the, “die trying,” part of the pact might sadly come true (in the end it did not of course!). Can we deep fry it? Can we get someone to roast it for us? Can we boil it? What about pressure cooking?

Investigation gets under way. Over the next three weeks (starting the day after Halloween), we throw back and forth recipes, crazy ideas, semi-crazy ideas, and begin haphazardly looking around at the practical aspects of prepping a Thanksgiving feast. Deep frying is nixed, as is boiling and roasting, but pressure cooking seems like a good fit. It is quick, doesn’t need a lot of prep, and is only moderately liable to explode in a glorious fashion. And our friend Harmony, who had recently left, had a pressure cooker that she had bequeathed to us. I think that was the biggest factor in the decision honestly, because it also reminded me that David and Frida had a pressure cooker bequeathed to them by Dai Kato when he left. Pressure cookers are frequently an item of bequeathement in Kenya. We are cool like that.

Then it was off to find a turkey. Some of my teachers informed me that there may be turkeys on north coast, so Jeff says he will keep an eye out for them next time he heads north. Turkeys are spotted, and this past monday, Jeff and I headed up to bargain. The birds were big, but few, and as a result, they wanted 4,000 /- for one (and not even at, “white guy price”). To put in perspective, a much smaller chicken costs 500 /- and a full size goat only costs about 2,000 /-. Why a turkey, which has much less meat than a goat, costs twice as much, I will never know. We apologized to the gentlemen for being unable to afford one and off we went to Nakumatt…

…Where we found spring chickens. Honest to goodness, American-style, pre-frozen, pre-plucked, pre-packaged full birds. We ran over to the cookware aisle, grabbed a pressure cooker the size of the ones at home, and ran back to poultry. A perfect fit. A little, 1 KG Spring Chicken, or rather four of them, would comprise the mainstay of our pressure cooked meal. High fives resounding through Nakumatt, Jeff and I hash out a rough final menu, almnodine and all, and head home.

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