Never A Holiday Really, Except This Time

Most all education institutes in Kenya follow a three on, one off, schedule for their school year. This simply means we have three months of teaching, followed by one month of holiday. Of course, NYSTC is slightly different from every other institution in that though we follow the 3/1 pattern, our year starts in May, not January, but that’s just trivia, and not really a major impact on my life. For this past year in Kenya, there has always been some work to get done during my month, “off,” from teaching, which has prevented me from actually going on a single holiday. Believe it or not, despite all my adventures around Kenya, which I am lucky to have, none of them have been true vacations, they have always been, “work related.” That’s about to change šŸ™‚

First The Work

Before I get to go on holiday, I have some work to do. I will be heading to Loitokitok on Tuesday where I will be part of training again for the newbies (we got a group of 25 secondary school teachers in the first week of November), and I will give them a talk on, “Personal ICT in Kenya,” which basically boils down to the items mentioned under my IT Help Desk section, plus more information regarding MPESA and other mobile network tidbits.

I leave training either Thursday or Friday, depending on if I have the time to visit my Kenyan family and head up to Makindu to a fellow volunteer’s site. I have been helping Erin and her organization WACAL with some IT troubleshooting, as well as working on a website for them for quite a while. Everything slowed down when I became more obligated to be here at NYS regularly and was thus unable to escape to other sites. I like Makindu because there is a gorgeous Sikh temple there where I can go and sit in a park-like atmosphere and do some design doodling and just general design contemplation that I have trouble focusing on here. And they have fantastic lunch! Who would ever want to pass up Makindu?!

After Makindu, it’s off to Nairobi, my most favorite city on the entire planet! Please note the sarcasm in the last sentence. My entire training group has our official Mid-Service Medical (MSM) examination, which is exciting for a couple reasons. First off, it’s the true indicator that you are over the hump and it’s a hopefully smooth sail through your last year, and second, it’s another opportunity for your training family to be together again. Sadly they split us, basically having the teachers (ministry of education teachers, not me and my lowly ministry of labor allegiance) come for one week and the business and ICT guys coming for a the second week. It means we won’t get to mingle with half of our family, but our glasses are always half full, not half empty, so we make due with what we have and have fun anyways!

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  1. Jesse

    Nanyuki is awesome.. especially Thompson’s Falls.