Never A Holiday Really, Except This Time

To put things in perspective about Peace Corps Kenya training-group get-togethers (each country being different) , they happen rarely in the grand scheme of things. Three months after training you have In-Service Training (IST), where an entire group is brought together. And after that, it’s just Mid-Service Medical and then Close of Service (COS) Conference. That’s only three official training-group get-togethers, so we try to maximize our time together when we get to. Sure we have workshops and cross-sector get-togethers, but those tend to be either individuals from the same sector or same region meeting, regardless of training group. Those are really fun too, and all volunteers get along really well with one another regardless of which training group you are from, but any volunteer here will tell you that there will always be a special place for volunteers from your training-group.

After MSM I head up to Nanyuki with my friend Gavin to do some work for his organizations: The Lewa River Water Users Association and the Nanyuki River Water Users Association. They are thinking about building websites as well to increase visibility and I am coming up to do some technical consulting. I like Nanyuki, having done a Perma-culture workshop there, and Gavin is a fantastic host, second to none, so it will be good to have some quality time with him. Also, it will be interesting to see Nanyuki during the summertime, as last I saw it, it was winter. I am not expecting there to be much climate change, but instead, I want to see if the place is still brimming with tourists as it was the last time I was there. It is a launching point for Mt. Kenya climbs, and also houses a lot of ex-colonial landed-elite and even a British Army Base. I wouldn’t be shocked to learn there are more wazungu in Nanyuki than in Mombasa. After Nanyuki, it’s back to Nairobi.


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  1. Jesse

    Nanyuki is awesome.. especially Thompson’s Falls.