Never A Holiday Really, Except This Time

Now The Fun Part

I will spend a day in Nairobi, most likely hauled up at Upper Hill Campsite avoiding the city at all costs. On the 15th however, I will make my way to the airport and fly out of Kenya. Where to you ask? Well, my ticket says I am landing in Prague after a brief layover in Amsterdam. My younger brother is studying abroad in Prague, and I am going to visit. It’s going to be cold, it’s going to be European, it’s going to be great! Being a European History major, I am really hoping to find the infamous window from which the Defenestration of Prague occurred but otherwise will defer to my brother in all other judgements of site-seeing considering he has lived there for going on four months.

After Prague, Chris and I are going to take a 13-hour Eurotrain to Zurich, Switzerland where we will spend a few days running amok in that city. This is what is great about Europe, you can travel around and know that almost anywhere you end up, there will be establishments to cater for your travel-weary needs, and solid public transport systems to shuttle you from site to site. Not to mention the free museums. Can you say that with me? F-R-E-E museums!

Finally, after Zurich, we Eurotrain it over to Turin, Italy, where we will be spending Christmas with the distant Italian relatives. We have hosted them in America when they have come to visit, so our families are comfortable with one another, and I am very excited to return to Italy after six and a half years. It will also be interesting to see how Turin is handling its post-Olympics status.

It’s not over yet. After Italy, I get to drag Chris all around Kenya. The details for the most part are as final as anything can be here, and it will be interesting playing tourist here after having lived here for a year. I am hoping my ability to speak even just a little Kiswahili gains us some respect but I know it will be a lost cause ultimately. For a couple weeks, I will truly be a tourist, and there’s nothing I can do about it. We will go on safari in the Masai Mara, immerse ourselves in Swahili culture in Lamu, and hopefully come and see my site here in Mtongwe, as well as visit the family in Loitokitok. My mama in Loitokitok has been awaiting Chris’ arrival for a full year, since we began formalizing all of these travel plans.

Now you know the reasons why my blogging from this point going forward may be a little scarce. It’s always a harder to blog when traveling away from my setup here in Mtongwe, but I will try my hardest, to at least keep you all a little bit interested. So continue checking back once in a while, but don’t be shocked if some entries are talking more about European museums than about African politicians and culture.

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  1. Jesse

    Nanyuki is awesome.. especially Thompson’s Falls.