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I escaped NYS a day early so that I could get some work done in Mombasa while I still have a nice 3G connection on my ceullular modem. Of course, it also means I am sitting in a hotel room with air conditioning, so I am comfortable, and thought I would fire off a quick blog post. This latest, “I Miss…” goes hand in hand with an earlier one about how I miss summertimes with my friends.

I miss Timesplitters. I bet most of my readers don’t even know what Timesplitters is, and the long story short is that it’s a video game played on a console, which in my case was the Nintendo GameCube (predecessor to the infamous Wii). Now, I fully admit to being a video gamer, through and through, though my interest was always a bit more academic than many people: often knowing much, “about,” the games and gamer culture, while never playing many games at all in comparison to what one may call a, “hardcore,” gamer. In fact this post was inspired by a friend who said he was slightly addicted to a game called World of Warcraft (a common addiction nowadays).

I was never addicted to any particular game, always needing to be doing other things like homework or extra-curriculars to the point that games could not command enough of my time for an addiction to a single game could form. Thus, games were always a hobby, never really an addiction. (Well, except for maybe Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, which was actually a combination of different addictive components of video gaming: portability, so that I could take it with me wherever I went; turn-based gameplay, so that the game would wait until I had a free time; and a trivial overarching story, so that I wouldn’t get lost if I had to put it down.) However, despite not being addicted, when it came to video games, one could never compare to the fun of Timesplitters

The reason there was no comparison ultimately: I could play Timesplitters with my friends and it was just as zany as we were. It was as if the game was made for us. I will admit, it is a, “First-person shooter,” type game, but the violence was always secondary to the inanity of the situations you were in. As the name of the game suggests, what story did exist was based on time-travel, so you were always running into stereotyped characters from different eras, and when playing multiplayer mode, the mixture of these characters was hilarious. From monkey ninjas to giant cartoon dinosaurs to robots and cowboys, it was crazy.

Just as summer nights were spent outside, could one fault a group of teens for finding comfort in the basement of the house during those cold New England winters? Could you fault them for shouting at each other and jostling over a game, just as anyone else might a football match or basketball game? We bonded, and had a lot of fun playing, as our wild imaginations pit dinosaurs against cowboys in some of the most hilarious games of capture the flag ever witnessed.

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  1. Petone

    I miss it too sir, Crispy needs to take out some snowmen and ninja monkeys the moment you get back to the states. Man those were the best of times, that and Soul Calibur…and Goldeneye.