Loitokitok Round Three

The road is paved just a bit more. My body is just a bit more accustomed to the bumpy road. The Kimasai/Kiswahili/English language mix is becoming slightly more intelligible.

The air is crisp. Kilimanjaro is standing proud, her wispy clouds a perpetual wedding vale, waiting for the day someone worthy of her majesty presents himself. The land is green and fertile. Zebra graze and giraffe stride majestically across the plains.

I never know how much I miss it until I come back.


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4 responses to “Loitokitok Round Three

  1. jesseosmun

    Maa is a very interesting language.. I never learned any of it, but it certainly sounded nothing like Swahili.

    I imagine Loitokitok is beautiful right now.. never been there ( closest I got was the road from Nairobi to Mombasa, going near the edge of the Mara) but have heard about it.

  2. Having come from loitokitok myself i know what you’re talking about.
    Loitoktiok is great,i dare people to visit there.

  3. From Maasai community and i am proud of that