Also, the organizations Gavin works for are all doing a lot of amazing work. They are building bio-gas home-fuel systems, cleaning up rivers, trying to prevent the deforestation of Mt. Kenya and in general doing a lot of amazing eco-awareness work. To say that eco-awareness is a big social concern here would be an definite overstatement, but isn’t that why people are working at it? To raise the awareness level?

The town itself is fairly large, sporting Mzgunu restaurants with expensive food like burgers, as well as fantastic nyama choma restaurants and your good ‘ole githeri shacks. Size-wise, it is only about a dozen city blocks, but all the roads are paved and there are even some sidewalks. You are only three hours from Nairobi, (though you are a 12 from Mombasa which is no good), and are part of the extensive Central and Eastern provinces road network.

There are some oddities, as there always are. For example, there is a hotel called the Mt. Kenya Safari Club that costs about 45,000 shillings ($600) a night. Its adjoining animal orphanage, where they are reintroducing the Bongo to native land after having been extinct here for about 15 years, requires a significant donation to visit. The town also has a higher-than-average level of prostitution, thanks to the army bases (British and Kenyan). But it has a forthcoming Nakumatt, which makes everything better (not really, but Nakumatt still is pretty amazing).

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    I agree with you on Nanyuki.. it’s stunning!