As for climate, we are coming into the hot season and the temperature right now outside is about 60 degrees. I am in a sweatshirt and shoes with socks, which I haven’t worn in ages. When it is sunny, it reaches a comfortable 75, but more importantly, the sun is very fierce, so sunscreen is still necessary, even if it’s not hot. When I was here in August during the cooler times, it was about the same. Seems perfect to me, though I know I would miss snow eventually. It’s been pouring for the past two days, and Gavin has informed me that this is quite unusual, but the results are greatly appreciate by everyone.

There you have it. Nanyuki is a really nice place, especially when appropriately attired for the colder-than-coast weather. Not being a beach person anyways, I wouldn’t really miss the beach. I might miss the Swahili culture though, especially hearing the language in a much more pure form, and I know I would miss the Swahili food and history. But it might offer me the opportunity to learn more about Kikuyu culture, which might be the subject of a later post.

I won’t be getting a site change for the next year, I am just writing to say how much I like the Nanyuki area. Oh yeah, I even forgot the most important part. Here, I get the, “Blue Light Special,” modem connection, which means the same speeds as in Mombasa!

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  1. jesseosmun

    I agree with you on Nanyuki.. it’s stunning!