24 Hours In: Some Comparisons

I have been in Prague for about 24 hours and I already have some quick comparisons of life here to life in Kenya:

  • Cars drive on the left.
  • Not only do cars stop for you when you are in a crosswalk, they anticipate your crossing before you even get into the crosswalk!
  • There is food everywhere, and it’s all different.
  • The mall decorations for the holidays just feel… right
  • Everyone is walking around, even though it’s really cold…
  • …but there aren’t many smiles on peoples’ faces as they walk.
  • I have seen at least 8 different couples not just kissing, but effectively making out in public.
  • There is not nearly as much color here. People are all in greys and blues, browns and blacks. No kangaas or purple pimp hats.


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4 responses to “24 Hours In: Some Comparisons

  1. kim

    But are you having fun?

  2. Jesse

    That’s the key thing.. you’re have fun.

  3. Jesse

    Ugh, bad typo!