Quick Preview of Things To Come

I know it may seem weird to write a post about potential future posts, but I just wanted to assure my readers that in fact I am alive! That is right, I have successfully survived Europe and Kenyan Safari and will be returning to work (and regular blogging) hopefully this week! You can look forward to a roundup of my holidays, some opinions of Kenya tourism that arise out of my first hand experience, and continuances of such series as Linux and Open Data Formats (which have long been needing some attention I know). Finally, I will also be introducing some comics with Peace Corps themes to appear at least once a week, just to add continued variety to my somewhat stale space. Year two of my Peace Corps blog is shaping up quite nicely if I do say so myself. It’s good to be back folks!


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2 responses to “Quick Preview of Things To Come

  1. kim

    Good to have you back. Make it a great year!

  2. Heather

    Hey! I just COSed from Namibia and am traveling through Kenya at the end of February with another RPCV. We would really like to visit some PCV sites so if you or another current volunteer can host us that would be amazing! Please email me at heather.e.reese@gmail.com if you can help us out. Thanks!