Just Add Music, and Other Minor Musings

I was sitting on the bus coming home to Mombasa from Nairobi this past Sunday and took out my iPod to listen to some music (which I only do on certain bus lines) and as I started looking out the window I noticed how well the peoples’ actions were syncing to the beat of the song I was listening to. Without laughing at me, I think the song was one by Switchfoot, which usually maintains a pretty upbeat rhythm. Three scenes in particular caught my attention: a small child playing in a wetlands puddle (we’ve had significant rain recently), a pair of women walking with wooden chairs carried on their heads, and finally a man getting down from the back of the large truck he was working on. These three actions just synced perfectly and as I watched the scenes, this musical accompaniment (not the lyrics just the sound) added a whole new dimension. Life outside the window became significantly more alive and vibrant. The rhythm of life as it were.

African bees are dumb. I don’t know where killer bees really come from, but it certainly isn’t Africa. To be more specific, Kenyan wasps and wasp-looking insects are some of the most docile, laid-back insects ever. You can swat them, spray them, hold them, annoy them, and they just go with it. Maybe it’s just the ones on the coast, enjoying the Mombasa raha, but as of now the only time I fear the wasps is when they decide it’s good to build nests inside of power supplies. Even as we type this, one of them keeps getting smacked by the power supply fan of my computer.

I have now witnessed firsthand those wonderful African grasses as we call them back home (at least at my house). Mom always plants them around the water gardens and so when I arrived in Kenya, I was fully expecting to see plenty of African grasses. Especially when other stereotypes started popping up, such as giraffe on the Nairobi grasslands, there being zebra everywhere and whatnot, I was fully expecting to see what I know as, “African grasses,” everywhere. But no. Nowhere in this past year have I seen any. There was even a point in time when a friend of mine was told by her Kenyan counterpart to bring back some grasses from my home on the Coast because we have different grasses than inland, and I had to respond that I in fact have no interesting grasses. But now with the rains, I see the grass! Turns out African grasses need water, who knew?! And yes, they do even look like the grasses we plant around the water garden! Again, who knew?! ALso, how many times did I just say grass?

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  1. Dad

    Glad to hear you are back in the saddle. Keep up the good work.
    Love Dad