Free Form Swahili Poetry

I am sitting here waiting for the NYS bore-hole pump to turn on so I can fill my personal tank so that I can do my laundry and I thought I would write up some poetry in kiswahili. Mind you, I have never taken a poetry class, or even read much about what type of art form kiswahili poetry is supposed to be, so I am still at a stage of trying to do a nice-sounding translate-from-english poem. It’s free form. Whatever. No translation though, sorry 😉

Kukia darajani usiku
Nyota juu, taa zimewashwa
Mtazamo yake iliinasa yangu
Moyo yangu, nafsi yangu
zilipunga kabisa
Sura kama malaika
Je, penzi ni uwaga huu?

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One response to “Free Form Swahili Poetry

  1. jesseosmun

    Well done.. I’m impressed you are able to do this!