Projects 2010

Every once in a while I like to update people on what I am actually doing here in Kenya besides writing what can only be described as copious amounts of blog posts… for a Peace Corps volunteer. Here be the list of projects as they stand at the beginning of 2010. It is always interesting to watch how the list morphs and evolves as the year progresses.

  • Still teaching. This is my primary project and it’s not going to be changing anytime soon it seems. I am currently teaching the same, “Intro to computer basics,” style course that I have been teaching since coming to National Youth Service. There are rumblings in the ground that I may begin teaching a higher level computer course for computer-specific students, and not just an elective for the other students, and in fact this course has already started at another volunteer’s NYS site, but so far here nothing has materialized.
  • Web-mastering the Voices of Africa for Sustainable Development website. Crystal and I have officially agreed that I will take care of the technical and design aspects of the website, as well as continue contributing content every so often. So far I have already done a database and drupal upgrade, and it’s all providing great practical experience in site maintenance, which will be handy for when I get home.
  • Web design for WACAL. The design continues on the WACAL website. I am implementing it using some new technology (to me), which is also an opportunity for me to increase my skill set: an added bonus.
  • I am trying to jump-start the Peace Corps Kenya volunteer-run newsletter to provide information pertinent and helpful to currently serving volunteers in Kenya. We’ll see how it goes, as it is still only embryonic, without even a first edition or even a template. Somebody’s got to do it.
  • As always, myself and other fellow ICT volunteers are in a constant dialog with HQ in Nairobi in regards to better integrating ICT-related training into aspects of the overall Peace Corps Kenya training program. This includes the initial training in Loitokitok as well as In-Service Training (IST). It’s simply fact that ICT needs to be leveraged in almost all areas of development if programs and projects are to succeed here. We choose to start with our volunteers, who can then use the knowledge they gain to help empower and teach others with whom they work.
  • Consulting. I consult, a lot. Sometimes the consulting is more like tech support for volunteers, and sometimes it is a bit bigger. For example, this past holiday I was in Nanyuki doing some web consulting for another volunteer’s organizations that wanted a website but weren’t quite sure of how to get one, or even the overall benefits and drawbacks of having a website. I like consulting because it lets me travel and see other parts of Kenya.
  • Blogging. I continue to blog. I still want to maintain my post a day schedule that I had towards the end of last year. Yesterday we lost power all day, which is why there was no post. Sorry. I will try my best to get off a post a day, but I’ll never make that a promise. Life here can just be too unpredictable at best.

I think that about sums it up. That seems to be the forecast at the moment for 2010, but as always, stay tuned because the winds of change are always blowing in Peace Corps!

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