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I am heading into Mombasa for my weekly (or biweekly in this case) chores trip. Going into the city, I have a few things I need to get done. First off, a haircut. My mane (as it can only be described at this point) is far too hot and needs a complete Mombasa-summer-worthy shave. Second off, I need to pick up a parcel at Posta before it starts accruing late fees. Third, I am hoping to get up to Camara for a couple hours to talk to Wilson about my possibly teaching programming. I also have a lunch date with Paul and his girlfriend ErinRose who is visiting from the States. And finally, need to run to the market for some necessities. I might also pick up another Kikoi or two on Biashara Street depending on the budget. In the meantime, I am providing some links to blogs and whatnot to better inform readers as to the things I think about on a day to day basis. Most of them are pretty tech-oriented, so if you aren’t into tech stuff, don’t bother clicking. If you are curious though, and you do wonder what tech-oriented news looks like, click away and open your minds.

Again, these aren’t meant to be exhaustive articles on topics. Instead, I am just giving these as a sort of litmus test of what interests me. When I open up the headlines for the day, even though I am here in Kenya, these are topics that I click for full stories. Note, there are no articles on development work, haha. There are reasons for that, though there are some good Tech in Development blogs that I do browse linked on the right hand side of this website, so feel free to click those if you are interested.

And if your name is Leah, and you find this article boring as well, too bad 😛 (miss you!).

Next week we may be back to less tech-heavy articles. Sorry if this week bored some of my less tech-oriented people, but remember, that is as much a part of what I do here as a Peace Corps volunteer as anything else. It’s just a constant reminder that not all development work is digging pit latrines and handing out food aid.

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