Ugali & Milk #1

Here is #1 in the Ugali & Milk series. The concepts are by myself and Jeff, artwork is by Jeff, and digitization is by me. I cannot promise a weekly occurrence yet, because Peace Corps life is unpredictable as we all know and right now the process of getting them from head to web is a bit difficult. For now, all copyright is retained by myself and Jeff (sorry Creative Commons guys), but feel free to syndicate, just drop me a line with the link, and give credit where credit is due. Hope you enjoy! Click the picture for the full-size version, which doesn’t really fit well in my current blog theme.

EDIT (26 Jan ’10): I want to apologize, a typo made it into yesterday’s comic. I have removed the erroneous comic and replaced it with what I hope is a typo free version. Cheers!

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2 responses to “Ugali & Milk #1

  1. T

    You guys have too much time on your hands…but it’s funny nonetheless!

  2. We don’t have, “too much time.” Instead, we just never perceive ourselves as having, “free time.” This way, it’s always like we are intentionally doing things, even when those things result in comic strips.