Where I Was and What I Was Doing

Of course all this is nice and good and when in Nairobi it’s easy to see how all of this can be possible. Too bad getting myself back to site wasn’t such a positive experience. Our bus left late, which you think I would be used to being in Kenya but this company has never left late before and I use it almost exclusively for traveling between Mombasa and Nairobi (a nine hour trip…). Then, only an hour outside of the Nairobi, it gets pulled over for a speed governor check. Since 2003, there have been laws limiting the speed of all vehicles on the MSA->NRB highway (and many other places) to 80 kph. On public service vehicles and large trucks, physical speed governors are required to check the speed. Ours was not working and failed the test. We were stopped for two hours. And then, as I am wandering around outside doing nothing, one of my traveling companion calls me back to the bus. We were leaving and I was the last to board. Don’t know what happened, don’t really care, we just got to go.

Since then I have been home, working. A Cameroonian RPCV visited for a few days, but I had work, so she used my house as a base to explore Mombasa and the surrounding beaches as I went to work. This morning was emails all day, and it’s after long sessions writing emails (today’s was four hours) that I wonder if I am really in Peace Corps. I think I need to re-brand my service as Peace Corps: The Next Generation. We don’t have androids, but I am sure we can make that happen.

I did get the chance to hit up the second hand super market while in Mombasa before coming back to site and was able to pick up two relatively good condition baseball gloves and four baseballs (one of which is a soft trainer ball) for 120 shillings (under two bucks). It was an amazing deal, and though many of my readers know I am not a huge professional baseball fan (or any sport really), I am always down for a game of catch. My cultural exchange for the week was passing one of the gloves around my classes that I taught on Friday, as well as teaching my friend Jack how to throw and catch a baseball with the glove. It’s just nice having at least one different, “normal,” leisure activity to do. Too much of my free time is always spent reading or on the computer (not so much running after the spine-related issues of October 2009), and to do something different like simply playing catch was nice.

That is where I have been and what I have been doing this past week. This upcoming week includes doing data entry on 300 surveys for the Rural Internet Kiosk project, as well as helping get the RIK up and going at the end of the week. Construction is this upcoming Friday, and I have asked and convinced my NYS Commanding Officer to allow me to bring my new ICT students to watch it. I think it will be a good experience for them to see real ICT working to solve problems in their country. Then this upcoming Saturday is the launch, and apaprently I have a speech to give. Lots of work this week. Here’s to hoping I get it all done!

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