A New Schedule

I think in an entry a while back I may have informed my readers that one of my primary reasons for sticking with Peace Corps has always been that each and every day brings about a chance for something totally random to happen. Last week, my life took one of those unexpected random turns, and now that the spinning has stopped and I am starting to see straight again, I thought I would write about. Apparently, I am now teaching a full Information and Communication Technology Technician course here at NYS.

A what? This is the course for which I was originally contacted by NYS from Peace Corps. We now have about 16 to 18 (depending on which roster you read) students here who are studying not to become electricians, not to become plumbers, but instead to become ICT Techs. They have a relatively full course of Introduction to Computers, Computer Applications, Mathematics and Entrepreneurship, and a networking class which for reasons unexplained to me, we are not starting. Probably because I am the only one who can teach it at the moment, but they cannot give me any more classes due to scheduling concerns.

This is good and bad. The curriculum as a whole is pretty good and provided by an organization acronym-ized as KASNEB. However, I have not seen a text book for the curriculum, so I am unsure about the specifics of it. On top of that, the class that I am teaching (computer applications; the other three classes are of significantly fewer total hours and are covered by teachers employed in other departments at NYS), covers the same material I have been trying to cover with my other classes for the past year. Which means that though there’s a new course, it’s all old material for me. The second year of the curriculum looks like all sorts of fun, covering advanced topics like more networking (and the Internet) as well as programming, but I won’t be around to teach it.

So in the end, it seems to be same old as last year, but with students who have to learn it and hopefully have a different motivation from my previous students. It also means a significantly and unexpectedly larger time commitment to my primary project, which reduces the time I can spend on my secondaries without becoming a work-a-holic. Such are the paths of Peace Corps (and every other) life, I guess.

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