What Is A Blog?

What is a blog? This is not a rhetorical question. Instead, I am hoping to dive in and answer this question in regards to at least my own blog, with the hopes that my readers can take something away from this post and apply it other blogs they may read on the web so that we can all move forward into this new realm of self-publishing with a clearer perspective on the role blogging is to play as a new information source for humanity.

The Short Dive: Prepping For The Long Dive

I know many people have a problem with my longer posts (which is actually a bigger problem than one might assume). Therefore, I want to try and give a short answer before I dive into a much longer analysis of what my blog is to me and how it adjusts my perception of other blogs and in general helps me define what a blog should be.

To me, my blog is a place where as a US Peace Corps Volunteer living in Kenya and teaching at the Kenyan National Youth Service in Mtongwe, Kenya, just south of Mombasa and located on the South Coast of Kenya where I interact with Kenyans of many different economic and tribal backgrounds, can share my experiences and perceptions of life and work here with people around the world, mostly targeting friends and family back home but also well aware that many other people from all backgrounds read this blog and from it gain an impression of me as an individual. Phew. Try saying that in one breath! I typed the phrase that way because there really is no short way to describe a blog and truly satisfy every readers expectations. Instead, we face a bigger cultural problem of coming to terms with blogging as a new source of information and opinion in the world, and as information consumers we need to learn about the medium and understand it so as to properly evaluate the information we take from it.

I know I can be pedagogic, but I intend only towards expository without aggrandizement. This is a long post and hopefully thought provoking, and though you may disagree with parts, that is the point! Share your disagreement and let’s continue this refinement of a new culture!


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  1. Jesse

    I also type long posts.. I find the Read More button in navigation is really helpful, because I usually have a lot to say.