Two Sides To Every Sky

Skies here in Kenya are oftentimes very, very pretty. During the days the clouds move about, quickly changing shapes, making the cloud-watching game of childhood seem new again. But at dusk is when things begin to get really interesting, as sunset causes some of the most beautiful sky explosions I have ever seen. The sunlight plays off the clouds illuminating their shells in brilliant oranges at the edges while the interior assumes a more somber, violet gray.

As with all things, there are two sides to every sky. Turning around, away from the sunlight, you only get brilliance at the tops, where the steeper-angled sun rays can still catch. Otherwise, the clouds strike me as smoke drifting across the battlefield while explosions move onwards, the battle changing positions, the clouds chasing the sun as it sets, always out of distance beyond the horizon. It’s a futile effort on the part of the clouds, to chase their brilliance like this, as if they knew in mere minutes they would be relegated to duller tones, but what would one expect of those granted beauty only to have it taken away again every night.

My house at sunset

Sunset over Mtongwe

The backside of a sunset

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5 responses to “Two Sides To Every Sky

  1. kim

    good pictures

  2. Austin

    Agreed, very good pictures

  3. glad you like them. all three are pics taken with my phone.

  4. Denise Jandreski

    I like your pictures and the posting.

  5. Victor

    Hi,are you willing to help me, a graduate student in University of Minnesota, understand the electrical needs of the people in Kenya?