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Happy Mothers’ Day

Happy Mothers’ Day to my Mom, who has continued to kick me in the pants to get my butt in gear for my 24 years on this planet. I wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for you. I love you Mom!

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Wearable Computers

Here’s my prediction of what a modern wearable computer will be, just for the sake of having it out there with a time stamp attached. Why am I saying this? Because it’s Sunday morning, I am really tired, and I was looking at funny computer patents, courtesy Technologizer.

Modern wearable computers will not be dedicated computers at all, in the sense that laptop or desktop is just a computer. Instead, wearable computing will become an extension of the far more agile smartphone market. The market will need four technologies: wireless video transmission, wireless data transmission, heads up displays and eye tracking. All four of these technologies exist today.

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Social Networks, Raise Your Standards!

I am getting more and more cautious about my use of Facebook, not because I don’t appreciate the service it provides, but because of its more and more slippery stance regarding privacy. What was once held sacred behind the locked doors of, “friending,” is becoming more and more open. Pictures, interests, work and education history, all of them are becoming forcibly unlocked slowly by slowly. For me, it’s not even that the Facebook company promotes openness with one’s information or operates on the philosophy that if you have nothing to hide, why not share? Instead, what angers me more is that there is no option to lock yourself down. Give people the opportunity to be forthwith, but also give people the opportunity to be private.

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