No Time To Blog?!

I am alive.  I have been running around mad like a chicken with its head cut off (an event I can now say I have witnessed… thank you Peace Corps), and I haven’t had time to blog.  What been keeping me busy?  Well, a lot of little things that keep cropping up.  There have been errands to town that need running, there have been classroom presentations and lessons that have needed making, there have been computers that need fixing (both in the lab, and for other people), and of course there has been a beach that needs laying on because it gets lonely without me there.  I have also had a million tech posts I have wanted to put up but not so many cultural ones at the moment, and at times I feel bad inundating my regular readers with my nerd-prose, so I have refrained.

I hope today is productive.  I am going to meet a new technical support for the Rural Internet Kiosk.  Long story short, Intersat, the company that manufactures the kiosk, wants to, “lock down,” the computer and make the kiosk a black box, meaning it should just work.  However, this has not been the case for three the going on four months of operation, and the kiosk has been plagued by technical problems, but always at times where I cannot make my way down to Ukunda to try and fix it.  But neither could the technicians in Nairobi come and fix it on a moment’s whim, so we had a real problem: a truly non-functioning kiosk.

Thankfully Intersat has provided one of their Mombasa-based technicians for support purposes.  Today, I am going into town to meet the new tech, and basically compare and update each others’ notes on what could be going wrong with the kiosk all the time.  I also have to mail a bunch of stuff to another PCV, so that warrants a Posta run.  This is all made possible by the fact that I am no longer the only ICT instructor here at NYS and if I am not in the lab, there is somebody else there to keep it open.  Hooray!

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  1. jesseosmun

    I didn’t mind your nerd prose too much.. it seems that ICT is it’s own monster when in a developing country such as Kenya. Cart before the horse perhaps? It seems that way as they got the cable, but have a gap in the number of Kenyans trained in ICT. Still, it could be the new economy booster that replaces tourism in Kenya’s GDP.