Celtics vs. Lakers: An Epic Firefox Fail

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I watched the Celtics vs. Lakers game. Well, if you want to call it “watched.” I loaded up ABC.com in Firefox and had two chats going with some friends back home. ABC.com has a nice text-based play-by-play feature, but it all runs in this hideous Flash instance. The reason I call it hideous is not because I have anything against Adobe or Flash as a company or plugin, but because being a Linux user, I am inherently biased against Flash due to shallow support for my operating system. All was going well.

Then there were 13 seconds left, we (being the fair-weather, final-game, Celtics fans… *cough*me*cough*) were down by about 4 (I don’t remember), and everything on my computer (and in the game) failed at once. I accidentally tried to scroll on the play-by-play window, and Flash just couldn’t handle it. Flash then proceeded to shut down Firefox. Firefox then proceeded to interrupt the whole operating system. My OS started freaking and began to ramp up my netbook’s fans to compensate for the heat being generated by an overtaxed CPU, and next thing I know my netbook throws itself into a coma: it suspends itself to RAM, powers down the fans, shuts off the screen, then innocently blinks the light like nothing happened.

If it wasn’t 7am, I would have shouted, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" really loud. I refrained.

Waking up my computer (gently), I prod it to reconnect. Nope. Apparently, in a final death throw, Linux decided to shut down the networking subsystem before going to RAM. I rebooted the computer and tried to connect.

Now it was time for Safaricom to fail, and doing the mental math, the game was already over. Instead of getting frustrated over what I couldn’t change, I calmed down, and waited for Safaricom to give me the go ahead to connect with my modem.

Finally getting back online, I open up my chat and get the bad news. Celtics lose. I blame Gasol, the Laker’s pansy-pants foul-pansy. I don’t really know who Gasol is, I have never watched him play aside from the second half of this game… via text… but that’s who I blame for the epic demise of my beloved (for 30 minutes of fandom) Celtics.


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  1. dude honesly i watch only interesting games