Corona: Hata Siafu

Hata Siafu translates literally as, “Even safari ants,” from Kiswahili. Hata (even) is used quite frequently in Kiswahili and subsequently in Kenyan English and it seems many of Kenyan English’s idiosyncrasies are derived from literally translated Kiswahili. The intention of the phrase is to imply that safari ants like Corona as well myself. It’s perfectly logical, but a less used construct in American English.

One of the tricks I have learned in order to speak more colloquial Swahili is to listen to some of the English phraseology produced by Kenyans. Having lived in Australia, I have been able to use my Austral-English experience to differentiate between idiosyncrasies that are derived from British English and those which are not. When I hear something that is neither American or British English, I may ask for a translation into Swahili and then listen for that phrase in during Kiswahili conversations. It helps.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the ant movie and this little language lesson!


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